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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Turtletravel Advertising

Dear Marketer

If you're like me and many other
frustrated marketers trying to promote
a great product with an even better sales
page, you are probably getting tired of
all the false promises from traffic
exchanges and "How To" books.

Here is one that works!!

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You have heard countless times about:
"The List" - "The List" - "The List" !!

Its true. The money is in the list. But
how in the world can you go about getting
a list when you don't even have a list!!

You can't even get people to your website.
It's enough to make you want to pull your
hair out.

But you know if you could just get "Targeted
Prospects" to you website, your product and
Salespage will have you "Making Money Like A
Printing Press!"

The "Temp" fix to your problem: You could go
to one of those email marketing warehouses
and pay $1500 for a ONE-TIME Email Campaign
to only 20,000 people.

Are you kidding me!! Yes, I am sure those
services do work for some people selling
items for $2995.00, and sure, some do have
success. But can you really afford to take
a gamble like that?

Heck no! - You are not a multi-million dollar
company with an unlimited advertising budget.

Check out this site. It seems to help us out!

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