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Monday, July 24, 2006

Whale beaches at Kommetjie

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Whale on the rocks

This week a 15 metre Southern Bottlenose whale beached at Kommetjie near the Slangkop lighthouse.

It caused quite a stir as people from all over the Cape Peninsula made the trip to Kommetjie to see it lying in the sun on the rocks.
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Chunks of blubber lie near the whale

Scientists and other interested parties have been to examine the carcass of the whale and have cut large chunks out of it to get to the whale's vital organs.

Disposal of the whale has become a problem as the authorities cannot drag it up to Lighthouse Road as they would tear up a sensitive stretch of veld with their tractors.

If it is not removed soon Kommetjie is going to be in for a "Big Stink " while it rots on the beach.

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Surfers at Inner Kom just a few hundred metres from where the whale beached

Surfers surfing at the Outer and Inner Kom will have to be on the lookout for large sharks as the whale is likely to attract their attention.

Geoff Fairman

PS. It took the authorities a week to decide what to do with the carcass of the whale and it was eventually decided to burn it.

It took three days to completely dispose of the whale after piling wood all around the carcass and pouring petrol over it to get the fire started.


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