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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Winter in Cape Town

Winter has come to Cape Town with a vengeance this week.

Its rained for the whole week and has not been the usual drizzle but very heavy rain.

Our dam levels have dropped to a low of 40% full over the past few months but the heavy rain we have had this week will go a long way to raising the levels of the dams.

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This photo shows some of the flooding in Monte Vista.

Today I went out with my camera to see what damage the weather had caused.

This is what I found.

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A new lake on our park with a pair of Egyptian geese enjoying the water

The photos above show a park here in Monte Vista that has been flooded by all the rain and even more remarkable is the variety of birds that have arrived to make use of the flooding.

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The Ibyss and the egrets were also enjoying the new found lakes

Trust you will enjoy the photos.

Geoff Fairman


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