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Monday, January 23, 2006

Bush fire in Goodwood prison grounds

Fires seem to be stalking Cape Town at the moment.

We just get one out and another one starts somewhere else.

Today we had a fire flare up in the grounds of the Goodwood prison.

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Bush smouldering before bursting into flame

It's really strange how these fires start.

The whole morning was clear and windless and as soon as the wind started to blow the fire began.

What caused the fire?

I think that it was a cigarette butt from a speeding car that landed up in the veld and started the fire.

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Port Jackson bush starting to burn.

It was scary as the flames spread quickly and soon a large tract of bush was on fire.

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The fire starting to get out of hand.

Luckily the fire brigade was on hand to put this horrible fire out.

Three tenders and a water lorry managed to get the fire damped down and a short while later it was out.

Geoff Fairman,

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