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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Volvo Yachts arrive in Cape Town.

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ABN Amro One at anchor in the Waterfront after arriving in Table Bay

After 19 days 24 minutes and 2 seconds the first Volvo yacht Abn Amro One arrived in Table Bay at 3.24pm this afternoon.

It made a record crossing averaging 400 miles per day at an average speed of 16 knots which is a world record.

After crossing the line it arrived at the keyside at approximately 4.10pm where it was met by a number of dignatories who handed over a number of prizes.

After a vey tiring crossing I'm sure the crew enjoyed the cases of Heinecken beers closely followed by some of the largest hamburgers I have seen.

The families of the crew members were all waiting on the quay to meet their loved ones.

A number of interviews then took place on the quayside and then the crew were introduced to the public before the champagne was opened and sprayed over everybody.

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ABN Amro two arriving at the key in Table Bay tonight

The second yacht ABN Amro Two which was about 80 kilometres behind ABN Amro One got becalmed off the Cape coastline for about five hours before it finally made it into Table bay to cross the first leg finishing line at about 9.00pm.

On arrival at the keyside at about 10.10pm it was met by the crew of the first yacht and hundreds of people who had been waiting hours for its arrival.

The third yacht Brasil 1 is due to cross the line at about 3.00 am tomorrow morning followed by the Ericsson racing yacht.

One of the yachts " Moviestar " will however not be sailing into Cape Town under its own sails as a mishap in rough seas off Spain saw it being withdrawn from the first leg of the race.

It has however been repaired and will arrive in Cape Town in a week or so to be prepared for the leg to Australia.

Its crew will arrive in Cape Town on the 4th of December to continue their training while waiting for their yacht to arrive.

All crews have until the 26th of December to rest and repair their yachts before they face the southern oceans on their way to Australia.

We wish them all a good rest in Cape Town and a safe trip to Australia and for the rest of the race.

Geoff Fairman
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