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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Rietvlei Flamingos

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Some of the flamingos wading in the vlei

Rietvlei is a wetland near Milnerton and is probably the home to tens of thousands of birds.

The recent good rains we have had in Cape Town have brought out the birds in force and any one driving past the wetland will see plenty of bird life.

At the moment there are plenty of little black birds swimming about and nesting on the edges of the large vlei.

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A flock of flamingoes getting their feet wet

There are also hundreds of flamingos on the vlei and it is interesting watching these white birds with their long necks and legs wade up and down in the water looking for food.

The flamingos stamp their feet and stir up the mud which they then filter for their food with their long beaks.

They are a beautiful sight!

Hope you enjoy the photos herewith.

See you soon.

Geoff Fairman
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