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Monday, March 07, 2005

Making Popcorn

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A lonely popped popcorn kernel


It's fun making popcorn when things go the way you plan them.

A glassbowl, some oil and some popcorn kernels into a microwave for a few minutes normally results in a lovely bowl of fluffy white popcorn,

We've done it so many times in our household we can do it with our eyes closed.

Of course when you do anything different to the norm expect things to go wrong.

Tonight we used a glassbowl we have never used before and after two minutes in the oven there was a loud crack.

The bowl split in two with popcorn all over the place.

When you are in the mood for popcorn you can either go to the movies and their pay prices or you can make it at home.

Tonight we should have gone to the movies.

A suggestion to use a plastic bowl after the glassbowl split was taken literally.

Oil in the bowl, some kernels, and into the microwave for five minutes.

After two minutes the popcorn started popping , and soon the bowl was full of lovely fresh fluffy popcorn.

That was until the bowl was removed from the microwave.

All that lovely popcorn ended up on the floor.

Here's the reason why!

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The remains of the plastic bowl after a session in the microwave


Two perfectly good bowls wrecked in 10 minutes and still no popcorn.

Tonight paying the exhorbitant movie prices would have been cheaper.

Next time we'll use ovenware bowls!

Geoff Fairman

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