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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Sea Point on a Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoons in South Africa mean different things to different people.

We took a drive to Sea Point and this is what we discovered.

Instead of doing drugs and drinking there was this group of young people practising their juggling skills.

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New juggler honing his skills 

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That's me trying my hand 

This is a skill which is easy to learn with a little practice.

Apparently there is a juggling club in Johannesburg and this appears
to be a start of one in Cape Town.

Here is the Cape Town expert

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The expert 

Different people have different ways of spending their Sunday afternoons.

Here is the local bird man doing his thing with some
wild pigeons he has been feeding.

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Birdman dancing 

CT is fast becoming one of the film capitals of the world.

Another street corner another crew!

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Film crew doing their thing 

Cape Town has it all!

When will we see you here.

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