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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Poseidon Adventure Camps Bay beach

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Camps bay Beach where the shoot took place 

Today I spent day 34 of the Poseidon Adventure with the crew and cast
shooting a beach scene at Camps Bay Beach near Cape Town.

Call time was 5.30 am and that meant that most people had to get up at around 4.00am to get to Camps Bay by 5.30am.

I've never been on any beach at 7.00am in the morning in my life, yet there I was sitting shivering on the beach waiting for the sun to rise along with 50 other extras, crew and stars of the movie.

A number of scenes were shot today and boy were the producers lucky.

Camps Bay has a reputation for wind, and when it comes up it blows a gale.

Today it stayed away and gave us a perfect day for shooting.

Wardrobe and hairdressing staff had their work cut out keeping everybody covered with blockout as once the sun came out it shone down on us as only an African sun can.

People with white skins were turning pink within an hour and I am sure
that tonight there are many sore bodies out there.

Not only did the sun shine but a school of dolphins arrived and proceeded to swim up and down the beach in front of the cameras as beach shots were being filmed.

The highlight of my day however was meeting one of the well known film stars Adam Baldwin who came on set.

I managed to corner him during a break and introduced myself.

We spent about 15 minutes chatting about Cape Town and the beaches in the area and he was most surprised when I told him that the lovely beach we were sitting on could be quite a nightmare when the wind came up.

By the sounds of things he has been relatively busy on set during his stay in Cape Town and has only managed one short tour of the Cape Peninsula, visiting Cape Point and the penguin colony at the Boulders
near Simonstown.

The locations where shooting has been taking place are however quite breathtakingly beautiful so I am sure he has seen more than he admitted to me.

While in Cape Town he has been staying in the V & A Waterfront which has a number of 5 star hotels. I did not ask him which one and he did not volunteer the info either.

The fact is even if he had told me I would not have revealed his exact location.

Shooting on this movie will continue for another month so fans you have another four weeks before your hero returns home.

For morearticles on the Poseidon Adventure and Cape Town film industry visit Http://www.turtlesa.com/ezine105.html

Geoff Fairman


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